“No engine idling” Generators OK?

No engine idling but these generators operate ALL DAY LONG.

No engine idling but these generators operate ALL DAY LONG.

There are good reasons why the city imposes a two thousand dollar fine for buses that idle their engines. Noise and air quality are chief among them.  Buses that idle their engines for over 3 minutes are in violation. The Madison Square Market employes 2 of these generators that are louder and noisier that any idling bus and they run continuously during market hours . Indeed there are many people who enjoy the market. The real problem with the market is that it takes precious park space from a area that has little open space to create a shopping experience in an area that has many. Also, has the conservancy made the right choice for the park interests when compared with issues like sidewalk parking, mangled trees and  loud generators. The market lasts one full month (Sept 25t – Oct 23rd).

Sidewalk parkers

Sidewalk parkers

28 days of parking in the crosswalk.

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  1. cat says:

    There must be a lot to report now that it’s the holiday season! Love your blog. Keep it going.

    Washington Sq Park Blog

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